Been there, done that, still eating leftovers

house in rural setting
I turned off 422 and proceeded down an asphalt road for about three miles, then turned onto gravel lane. At places there was quite a bit of grass between the two tire tracks as the narrow lane wound up over a hill, down, and up again. At the end of the lane was Jim and Linda’s place (photo above).

There were shady spots to sit and chat. We played a lot of “guess who” giving each other hints that were helpful or misleading. Sometimes a look at old yearbook pictures helped. As the afternoon progressed, the years melted away. There was lots of laughter and sad moments too. As John said, we are still 18 inside.

Food was plentiful and delicious. As it got dark and time to leave, we kept delaying. I don’t think anyone wanted to say goodbye.

Several people asked about keeping in touch by email. I can set up a listserv (email discussion list) here. I will send directions to everyone who gave email addresses.

I posted photos in the Photo Gallery section. Tom posted some photos before the reunion. There is plenty of room left. Especially for those classmates who were unable to attend, we would like to see your faces again!