eMail listserv

In response to requests to exchange email addresses at the reunion in July, we now have a listserv (an email discussion list) set up through this site. This will allow people who sign up to send a message to one email address and have it go to all the people who have subscribed. You can reply too, which will go to whoever posted the message, or choose “reply all” from your mail program and your reply will go to the entire list.

You may sign up here. You can sign up more than once if you use more than one email address. Please follow the instructions on the members page, including your full name which is NOT optional for this list. Spam is a concern so there is no automatic sign up — people requesting membership will be checked against the class roster.

If you don’t want to sign up on the web page, please contact Kathy by email giving the address you wish to use. There are four of us signed up as of this morning.

For this to work, you will need to keep your address current, so if you have a change, please visit the members web page or contact Kathy.

This can be used for catching up between reunions or letting people know where you are so meetings can be arranged.

Breakfast meeting

Sandy Frailey, Kathy Graff, Sharon Miller, and Linda Moore met for breakfast on August 31 at Schall’s Family Restaurant on highway 422 in Elderton. We are planning to meet regularly, depending on Linda’s work schedule.

For classmates who live nearby and want to join in, please call one of us (all are in the phone book). Contact Kathy Graff by email if you live outside the Elderton area but come back to visit occasionally, we will try to include you too!